Looking to the future with respect for the past means a better way to live.

The philosophy behind 300 Bloor Street West aims to create a building that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable, a place that remains true to the ideals of Bloor Street United Church and its diverse congregation. These principles inform every fundamental decision, helping improve quality of life for everyone involved.


Since 1889 the site has been a harbinger for diversity and inclusion in the city. It has been home to the liberal congregation of BSUC for 130 years and, in 2013, began welcoming the Downtown Jewish Congregation City Shul. This is a multi-faith space that supports a diverse community and we are proud that, through this development, that tradition will continue for the next 100+ years.

A Strong Relationship with the Local Community

We value our relationship with the local community and we will continue to be committed to working collaboratively and transparently throughout this process to ensure that 300 Bloor Street West enhances everyone’s experience of the site. We believe that a diversity of opinions and ideas will lead to a stronger development, and we invite everyone to have their voice heard.

Heritage Preservation

Heritage preservation is an important initiative for the City of Toronto and, to support that initiative, we enlisted the help of heritage consultants ERA Architects to preserve the architectural tradition of the site and ensure the character of the existing building remains unchanged.

Environmental Sustainability

Plans for 300 Bloor Street West incorporate sustainable practices that protect the environment. The building will be engineered to be as energy-efficient and ecological as possible.

Traffic Management

The plan includes a computerized parking and retrieval system and strategically designed loading docks and egress points that mitigate the impact of vehicular traffic on Huron Street and the neighbourhood.