A collective vision.

Welcome to 300 Bloor Street West. An informative hub connecting the community, the city, the congregation, and the partners on this innovative project.

300 Bloor Street West is an important opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents throughout the neighbourhood. It’s a commitment to preserving and integrating existing heritage architecture with contemporary design. It’s a promise to continue the tradition of inclusiveness engrained in the Bloor Street United Church and the Annex. It’s an invitation to collaborate, to break down barriers and to reconsider how people experience community and home. It’s a place built upon a diversity of opinions and ideas. It's also a conversation, where everyone is heard because that’s how great ideas come to life.

300 Bloor Street West is a collaboration between the Bloor Street United Church and two of Toronto’s leading property developers, Northrop Development Corporation and Collecdev Inc. with one common vision—to build a community that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

We recognize that people want more than just a place to call home: they want a well-rounded neighbourhood like the Annex with access to a host of cultural, educational, entertainment, retail, and community services. They want a complete neighourhood that is diverse, and that offers everything from design and architecture, to people from all faiths and who possess diverse viewpoints. They want opportunities to find meaning and to contribute to a better world. They want to feel connected, welcomed, and engaged with their neighbours, their friends: the people they meet and interact with this every day. We are committed to fostering the inseparable bond between people and place.

We’ve created this site as a way to stay connected. Learn more about the project, its progressive design and its status. Find out what other people have been asking in our FAQs. Review the documents from community meetings and applications. Stay up to date with the latest news on our blog. Join upcoming events and contact us any time. From early planning to project design, we’re interested in hearing from you and we’ve been and will continue to be committed to working together to keep you connected and making this project the best it can be.