300 Bloor Street West

The Mission Of The 300 BSW Website

Collaboration is key to the successful completion of any goal, so when we set the goal of reimagining 300 Bloor Street West as part of the fabric of the Annex, adding new opportunities to, live, worship, work, and play in a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable community, we knew collaboration would be an integral part of the process. That’s why we built this website.

This website isn’t designed to sell, it’s designed to act as a hub of information connecting the community, the city, the congregation, and the partners on this innovative project. The rezoning process outlined by the Planning Act and the City of Toronto mandates just one community consultation meeting and one statutory meeting. We don’t think that’s enough.

We believe that all stakeholders, from community residents to congregation members to anyone who interacts with the site, should have the opportunity to give input on how it evolves, and we’ve set up this website as a way for people to stay informed, to review key documents, to join upcoming events, and, most importantly, to enter into the conversation.

We’ve received a variety of comments, both praising the redevelopment and raising concerns, and we’ve taken them all to heart, using them to help refine the site plan. For instance:

  • Following concerns about the height of the building, the tower was reduced from 38 storeys to 29.
  • Following concerns about massing and heritage, a substantial portion of Bloor Street United Church is being retained with a minimal portion of the residential tower cantilevering over the top of church.
  • Following concerns about shadowing and how the new development would fit within the neighbourhood context, the residential tower was moved further south and reoriented to east-west, while tower massing was reduced to improve the pedestrian experience at street level.
  • Following concerns about traffic and parking, parking design shifted from above ground to underground to further reduce height and provide additional space.
  • Following concerns about the ground level experience along Bloor, additional softscape landscaping was integrated and a Privately-Owned Publically Accessible (POPS) midblock connection was introduced to provide convenient access from Huron Street to Paul Martel Park while strengthening a connection to nature and green space.

We’re committed to working together to make this project the best it can be, and to introduce a development that will enhance the existing culture of the Annex, benefiting the community for decades to come. That’s why we created 300bloorstreetwest.com. Thank you for taking part.

Have something to say? Connect with our team and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible