300 Bloor Street West

300 BSW Reveals New Designs

Collaboration is more than just a marketing slogan for Collecdev, as evidenced by the latest plans for 300 Bloor Street West. A revised design for the project made its debut at the Toronto Design Review Panel last month, reflecting input from extensive rounds of community and city consultations with key stakeholders including Bloor Street United Church, Collecdev and Northrop Development, KPMB and ERA Architects, city planning experts, and the community at large.

From the very beginning, the team at 300 Bloor Street West has been clear that their goal is to build a community that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable – a community that preserves and integrates existing heritage, and improves quality of life for residents throughout the neighbourhood. It’s not an easy feat, but we are committed to finding solutions that address the complex constraints of the site, and deliver a culturally rich, diverse, and inclusive environment.

What’s changed?
The biggest changes include:

  • A reduction in the height of the building to preserve the view corridor.
  • A shift from above-ground to underground parking, to further reduce height.
  • A revamp of the building design from the original slender profile to a series of stacked modules that maximize space while minimizing height.
  • Introduction of an east-west midblock connection.

What’s the same?
What hasn’t changed is the striking material façade of the building in metal and glass, the preservation of heritage portions of the existing site, and the impressive new church entrance along Bloor Street, designed to welcome people of every faith into the modernized facilities.

Ample office space (including both BSUC offices and leasable units to sustain the church) are still part of the layouts, as is a vibrant café on Bloor. In addition, more than three quarters of the residential units are still planned with two-bedrooms or more, creating a viable urban lifestyle alternative for families who want to stay in the city.

What’s next?
The story doesn’t end here. 300 Bloor Street West presents a unique opportunity to create a welcoming home not only for residents, but for the community. And we’re committed to getting it right.

The Design Review Panel voted 5 to 2 in favour of the new proposal. We’re thrilled with their support, but acknowledge there’s room for improvement. So we’ll take their comments and rise to the challenge, continuing to refine the building design and create something we’re proud to put our name on, for today and for future generations.

Stay tuned for updates as 300 Bloor Street West continues to evolve.